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SERP Writing Tips


  • The last step of SEO is getting the click. Make your title interesting to humans.
  • Duplication is bad. Be original. Use unique Titles and Descriptions on every page for best results.
  • Think of your result like an ad. Make it compelling with a clear call to action.


  • For desktop results, 600px of a page's title is shown or 50-60 characters. Google will truncate the rest (...)
  • Put important keywords first or as early as possible.


  • You have around 150-160 characters for your description, but for mobile, it could drop as low as 50. Make your argument quickly.
  • As Google tries to determine users' true intent, they may replace your description with other content from your page.


Version2 is a Cincinnati Web Design Agency. We were looking for a way to preview what we were writing for our SEO clients when we ran across a great script by Ben Thompson. We updated the code until the fonts and colors of the SERP preview were as close as we could come to a Google results page circa 3/7/2022.